Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement Services in Ottawa

Are your garage door cables broken? The cables are a crucial piece of equipment that keeps the operation of your garage door smooth and efficient. When a cable physically breaks, it can be easily noticed coiled on the floor or hanging from its drum. A broken cable makes your door inoperable, and it needs to be immediately repaired in order for your garage door to function properly once again.

garage door cable

Because cables are kept under high tension, it is recommended not to attempt their repair yourself. If your overhead door is partially lifted, do not attempt to force it up or down. Doing so will damage the door's assembly and could cause the remaining cable to snap. Call a reliable garage door repair company like Ottawa Garage Door Service.

Emergency Service

We offer same-day emergency services for cable repair, so give us a call anytime to get your overhead door back to its original performance. Whether you simply need a cable repair or a complete cable replacement, our technicians are willing to service your garage door at a moment’s notice.

24-hour Emergency Repair Services From Qualified Technicians. Call 613-903-8666 today!

Why Choose Us?

There’s no waiting around when it comes to repairing overhead doors. If you have broken cables, it's very likely that you’re either stuck in or out of your house. That’s why we have 24/7 emergency services to have your doors working again.

Our Process

  • We’ll send a qualified, experienced technician to your home within hours of calling us.
  • We’ll conduct a safety inspection on your garage door and your garage door opener.
  • We’ll replace your broken cables with quality parts designed specifically for the make and model of your overhead door. Since our mobile fleets are fully equipped with cables to fit any door, we’ll be able to replace your cable on the spot.
  • We’ll perform a tune-up on your garage door opener and all the garage door parts. The tune-up includes adjusting spring tension, lubricating the moving parts, tightening hinges and more.
  • Our staff also offers regular maintenance. Annual or semi-annual maintenance checks can be performed to keep your garage door system cables in good working condition. Call us today for a free estimate!
  • Our parts and workmanship both are backed up by our best warranty in the business.

Affordable Services

The cost of garage door cable solutions with Ottawa Garage Door Service is the most competitive and affordable. Our technicians are friendly and professional, and know how to keep the cost of overhead door repair services pocket-friendly for our customers!

Give us a call at 613-903-8666 to get your garage door cable repaired or replaced.