Garage Door Remote Replacement and Installation Services in Ottawa

Garage door remote not working? If you are living anywhere in Ottawa, then you have stopped at just the right place. We, at Ottawa Garage Door Service, deal in all kinds of garage door remote repair and replacement services.

Our technicians will repair your remote within hours of your call, not days. Do not let a faulty remote be the reason why you are stuck at home – get it repaired or replaced at affordable prices.

How Does a Garage Door Remote Work?

The primary purpose of the remote is to assist in opening and closing mechanism of an overhead door from a certain distance. These remotes give the user a flexibility to open the garage door without having to get out of the vehicle and manually operate it. Garage door remotes can operate the door from either side of the garage.

Types of Garage Door Remotes

  • Universal Remotes: They are high quality remotes that work with almost all makes and models of garage doors. They can be easily programmed either to operate on one or two different garage doors.
  • Visor Clip Remotes - Just like any other remote, these remotes also assist in automatic operation of the garage door. However, they come with a visor clip that sticks to the vehicle’s visor and holds the remote firmly in place.
  • Liftmaster Remotes - Liftmaster remotes have three buttons on them. They have greatcompatibility and can work easily on all overhead doors manufactured after 1997.

Why Repair/Replace a Faulty Remote?

A faulty remote is never good news. Imagine getting late for an important meeting just to find out that your remote won’t work. Such an unpleasant scenario can be easily avoided by getting your faulty remote replaced by Ottawa Garage Door Service. Our comprehensive services, effective solutions, quality products and professional garage door specialists are here to ensure that you get the maximum value for your investment.

Why Choose Our Remote Replacement Services

  • We stock a wide range of remotes from leading brands, such as Universal, Craftsman, Wayne Dalton, Stanley, Genie and many more.
  • Our remotes have no compatibility issues and can work on all makes and models of garage doors.
  • Our remotes offer additional security features to exclude any possibility of theft.
Are you confused about buying one? Need more info on remote options? Call us at anytime.