24*7 Garage Door Repair Service and Installation in Ottawa

Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are the most noticeable part of every home in Ottawa. Also, they are the major movable entity. A default door can not only disrupt your day-to-day activities, but also poses a serious security risk for your family and your home. Ottawa Garage Door Service is a professional company that you can trust when it comes to prompt garage door repairs and installations.

If you are planning to have a makeover for your residential garage door in Ottawa, come to us, we provide free consultation and estimates. All our garage door specialists are highly trained to meet our high quality standards. Our comprehensive range of services are:

Garage Door Installation

This involves installation of a new door with all other accessories that go hand in hand with the door. After installation, the door and all the other parts are meticulously inspected by our technicians to make sure they all are in good working condition and performing in sync for smooth operation.

Electric Openers

We install and repair electric door openers. An electric opener is one of the important parts of a door mechanism, it controls the door movement. This requires periodic inspection, modification and maintenance to perform reliably for years to come.

Torsion Spring Repair and Replacement

Torsion spring bears a lot of pressure as it supports the door while opening and closing. This can be very dangerous repair for an inexperienced person to handle. Our highly skilled technicians provide quality torsion spring repair and replacement services in Ottawa.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Our professionals provide top-notch repair or replacement services for garage door sections or panels that are damaged or outdated.
Roller Replacement – Over time, the wheel that guides the door on the track get damaged. Even worse, the wheel can sometimes leave the tracks that can cause damage to the main door. Make sure you inspect the roller periodically.

Door Cable and Spring Replacement

Spring and the cable work hand in hand. The cable helps connect the door to the spring and they together help the door to go up and down. General wear and tear alters the efficiency of the door, thus, they must be replaced from time to time.

Safety Inspections and Tune-up

Safety inspection is vital to check the condition of the movable parts of the doors. Our technicians will carefully inspect the safety features of the door and will make the necessary repairs and adjustments. This way you can increase the lifespan of the door. This kind of service should be done twice a year.

At Ottawa Garage Door Service, we provide 24 hours and 7 days a week service to our commercial and residential clients in Ottawa. We ensure that our customers receive the quality service that they deserve.

Feel free to call us anytime to discuss your garage door maintenance needs in Ottawa.

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