Extention & Torsion Garage Door Spring Repair Services in Ottawa

Are you facing problems in opening your garage door? There’s a good chance your garage door spring might be broken. We understand that each customer wants to have their garage door spring repaired as soon as they can. Ottawa Garage Door Service will take care of it quickly.

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Garage Door Spring Dangers

Garage door spring is an important part of the entire door system and when it breaks, it becomes difficult to open a garage door. The repair process involves replacing the springs which can be very complicated and dangerous. These springs are under high amount of tension and can cause serious injury to an unprofessional person. Hiring an experienced technician through Garage Door Ottawa will ensure that you get the job done right, without putting yourself or those around you in a dangerous position.

Get it repaired NOW!

Whether you need extension or torsion garage door springs replaced, you need to find a solution quickly. Why is it urgent? Neglecting the garage door springs for too long can be dangerous. Think of all the costly items you store in your garage. If you choose to neglect your overhead door springs, it’s only a matter of time until your door collapses and falls. Even worse, a door collapse could cause an injury to you or a family member. Besides safety risks, there are also mechanical risks. Operating your door with broken springs is very likely to damage your operator. Call the technicians at Ottawa Garage Door Service to professionally and reliably replace the springs. When you contact us, we will diagnose the problem and take care of it as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Us?

Our technicians serve each one of our customers with respect and professionalism when they perform a garage door spring repair. They have years worth of experience so you can rest easy knowing that when they are performing repairs, you will get only the best service available. We use the top-notch parts the overhead door industry has to offer. When you hire us for a garage door spring repair, you know you are getting the best available products in the entire capital.

Our Features

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